Alternatives to Surgery: Hair Replacement!

Non-surgical hair replacement in London is a method that achieves results similar to micro-grafts, but without surgery. To achieve this, a polymer is applied to the bald regions of the scalp, which creates a thin layer of artificial skin. Then, hair is micro-grafted by hand in this new skin, as much as necessary to achieve a desired density, both in bare areas and in places where the hair is only sparse. This method is not limited to the bony area of the skull, and does not require a donor area. However, the hair thus grafted will never grow.

Hair accessories: There are several hair accessories to palliate a baldness resistant to treatments or too advanced for surgery. There is a wide variety of new capillary replacement methods that are very sophisticated. Many of them can mislead the most discerning eye. This is the case; for example, with what hairdressers call “capillary integration”, volumizers, and extensions to give volume to the hair and wigs and capillary prostheses that create the illusion of hair which grow from a scalp.

It is always best to respond to the first hair loss when your family doctor can still provide you with the right weapons to fight the evil: at the first sign of excessive hair loss, visit the doctor to rule out illness or deficiency of the list of possible causes of hair loss, or for the latter to prescribe hair growth stimulants.

The arduous battle against baldness will be won, little by little, with new treatments, surgical and non-surgical procedures, and of course the wide range of sophisticated capillary replacement methods.


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