What You Need To Know About Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

The non-surgical hair transplant of the recent time is a revolutionary new method of integrating hair to the scalp. This state-of-the-art technology combines surgical micro-graft techniques with implantation of hair into a polymeric scalp reproduction to fill the bald area without surgery. There are a few prestigious companies who offer hair replacement in UK and of you are thinking about going for this method, here is what you need to know first.

The non-surgical hair transplant was inspired by the recent technological developments of surgical hair transplantation and implants 100% human hair in “follicular units” of a flexible, ultra thin membrane that mimics the scalp. This transparent, ultra-thin and resilient membrane with 100% human hair is used to recreate “Hair Follicles” to your scalp. The non-surgical hair transplant is also a bit like a soft “contact lens” that corrects the hair deficient area of your scalp, and gives it back an abundant and natural hair. The capillary contact lens thus corrects a capillary deficiency, just as the eye contact lens corrects an ocular deficiency. The follicular contact lens fits perfectly to your hair for a result as imperceptible as a contact lens on the eye.

Unlike surgical grafting, non-surgical grafting is not limited by the area of the bald region. It allows you to regain an abundant hair while avoiding the side effects of a medical therapy, or the pain of surgery. To achieve a perfect fit for non-surgical follicular unit transplantation, a precise mould is fashioned from the bare region of your scalp. This mould is then reproduced as a flexible, ultra-thin membrane composed of a fine-tip polymer, which serves as the base for the follicular contact lens. If you want the best result then you need to consult one of the leading companies for hair replacement in UK.

The contact lens is implanted with 100% human hair, one hair at a time, in the form of “follicular units” by capillary infusion. This method mimics the hair and its root on the surface of the scalp. The human hairs of non-surgical hair transplants are very precisely pinned to be virtually identical to your hair in colour, texture, and ripple. The hair is then implanted, one hair at a time, into the capillary membrane to form follicular units in the capillary contact lens. These follicular units imitate perfectly the hair growing from a follicle of the scalp. The hair contact lens of the non-surgical hair transplant is then fused to the stripped region of your scalp, and becomes an integral and indistinguishable part of your scalp.


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