Basic Tips to Practice Post Going Through Hair Replacement in London

Hair replacement or transplant can be quite exciting for your overall look & personality, but managing a few things post undergoing the surgery is quite important to ensure that your hair stays healthy and trouble-free for long. If you’ve just undergone surgery aiming at hair replacement in London, then it is quite possible that you may face some pain and discomfort soon after the operation gets over. If you’re looking for some quick tips that can help you post going through a hair replacement in London session, then read the section below to know what all you can do:

1. Follow All the Aftercare Solutions

It is important to remember that your surgeon is your best friend and he/she can give the best advice for post-surgery care. Seek their advice about washing and shampooing your scalp to ensure that you never end up using some allergic products. Ask them about antibiotics specifically to take medicines on time and to get your scalp healed properly. Take a prior appointment to ensure that you return to the clinic for the removal of stitches on time. Apart from all this, stay in touch with your surgeon at least for a week and discuss the discomfits you face.

2. Sleeping Positions

One of the most difficult tasks post a hair replacement in London session is to go to sleep. You may end up having a sleepless night on the first day of replacement surgery because of all the pain and discomfit. Don’t worry, adjust yourself a little and try to sleep in a semi-upright position to take a step ahead towards a peaceful sleep. You can also use a couple of pillows to ensure that your head stays elevated and the stiches should not have any sort of pressure on them. It is important to remember that you must never touch or pick the newly grafted areas to ensure that your hair stays healthy and grow swiftly.

3. Hire a Cab or Ask Someone to Drop You Home

Since you have been given a sedative, it is important to remember that you ask a friend, relative or a cab driver to drop you home. It is imperative to consider that the sedative may take some time to wear off and you’ll need ample rest and sleep to ensure that you’re fit and healthy like before. Never perform any dangerous task or drive soon after going through hair replacement in London.


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